NEWS FLASH!!  Author Shelby Wagner – Guest Appearance on the “Beyond Confidence” Broadcast with Divya Parekh – UNCONVENTIONAL SENIOR YEARS – MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2021 7:55 pm – 8:50 PM

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New Release on December 19, 2019 – “Learning to Dance in the Rain – Dealing with Grief, Moving On and Online Dating.”

When my first box of books arrived, I excitedly opened it to find 20 copies of my first published book. I was so excited that tears came to my eyes! Here was the result of eight months of writing and editing and being totally consumed in a project of my own choosing and I wanted to share it with someone. But who? I was alone in my house. I thought of calling my kids, but then decided to text them the news, and then I went on Facebook and shared it there. Two minutes after hitting “send” I received a Post from a cousin, “Where can I buy a copy?” I didn’t know. Then I remembered it was supposed to be on so I hastily typed in that URL and there wash my book and my name in large print! “Awesome!” I immediately went back to Facebook and answered my cousin’s question. Three minutes later, he wrote back, “I just bought it!” My first sale! One exciting moment after another! This was the the culmination of a lifelong dream!

My book addresses multiple issues of interest to single men and women over 50 who have lost a loved one and are grieving. Some of the subjects I address the Seven Stages of Grief; single survival; making quality decisions; improving one’s self-esteem; re-gaining self-confidence, and getting one’s life back on track.

I share the story of the two years following the sudden passing of my husband of fifty years and information I learned about the importance of grieving and then re-engaging in living your life as a single.

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