Why Write this Book?

My objective is two-fold.

#1 – One of life’s most difficult events is the loss of a spouse (or partner). It is catastrophic as it wrenches us out of our comfort zone and throws us immediately into a new life in which we must make learn to make decisions and simply survive by ourselves. It is a time of loss, a time of sadness and sorrow, and a time of reflection about our past and our future. It is a time in which we are faced with our own immortality, which we prefer not to think about. It is a time called “grieving” and something necessary for healing.

There are no set rules for grieving. Each person grieves differently, and that is okay! Some people cry, some busy themselves with routines, some give up, some talk a lot, some are quiet, some laugh and joke around. Some people take longer than others to go through the process. Did you know there are seven stages of grief that almost everyone goes through?

The important thing is to allow one’s self to “feel” whatever emotion overtakes us at any given moment. I felt the need to write about my feelings as I dealt with the loss of my husband of fifty years and to share the thoughts and activities which helped me to deal with those feelings, to survive and to make decisions about my future.

#2 – In deciding that I would like to find a new friend (perhaps a new love) presented a major problem for me, how to meet new people? Not one to go to bars, and not having a job, left only one avenue for me – internet dating and social media. This proved an easy way to meet and get to know people in the safety of my own home and I have met quite a few new friends this way. However, I found danger lurking there also. A danger that is fast becoming an epidemic as more and more people are almost hypnotized into a fake relationship only to find out they are being scammed and losing their much-needed money. My passion for writing this book is to educate my readers about the problem and to remind them to keep their money and to keep their personal information private.

Statistics show that there are about 25,000 scammers at any given moment of any given day talking to a potential “victim”. The shocking statistics of our seniors’ retirement funds making criminals, liars and cheats wealthy, motivated me to begin spreading the word hoping that education will kill this business by stopping profits. therefore, stopping this insanity.

How is this done? Scammers set up fake profiles with stolen photos of beautiful women and handsome men that lure lonely, vulnerable and unsuspecting men and women into fake relationships with promises of love and marriage. However, their real objective is to steal their money. Surprisingly, this has become an epidemic as more and more people fall for the scheme. Readers will find a chapter on how to recognize a scammer. Please do not allow yourself or anyone you know become one of their victims.