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About Me

Welcome to my personal webpage. I’m Shelby Wagner, an author with a passion for storytelling. My writing style is a blend of creativity and precision, offering readers a unique and immersive experience. If you enjoy thrilling true stories of romance, daily life stories that educate and entertain, and offer self-help strategies for your personal obstacles, you’ll find something to enjoy among my works.


Explore my latest books and discover new stories as I am inspired.

  • Learning to Dance in the Rain – Dealing with Grief, Moving On and Online DatingThis was my debut published book and is only available from me on this website and at my events. It is a condensed version of my experiences following the death of my husband of 50 years. It was written to help new widows and widowers realize that it is possible to move forward after losing a loved one and that it is important to allow yourself to grieve so you can heal. This book tells a short version of my experience of being conned by a scammer on social media and is good for anyone interested in learning how to recognize a scammer but doesn’t need examples.
  • Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance ScamsIn Book Two of my self-help / narrative I give more actual emails I received from what I thought were men interested in a relationship partner, but who proved to be only interested in (borrowing) stealing my money. In this book I have included emails from these men so that you can compare your emails to see if the person you are talking with is lying to you. If your letters look like mine, That means he/she is a scammer. I also have included 38 red flags indicate he/she is a scammer and what your need to do immediately. Anyone who is thinking about dating after fifty and/or trying to do internet dating, needs to read this book first. Also, anyone who is grieving and wants to move forward but needs some direction will benefit greatly by reading my book.
  • Learning to Dance in the Rain Third Edition – Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance ScamsBook Three is essentially the same as Book Two. The content is the same, the back cover and pages inside the back cover are different and some typos in the content have been corrected (I hope. I decided I was getting ripped-off by using a third-party publisher and so I am now the publisher of my books using Amazon currently
  • SCAMS: A Resource Guideis your ultimate defense against being scammed by someone on the phone or on the internet (or in person) who tries to get your money by offering you what sounds like a “good deal”. The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is!” is excellent advice to follow and so is the information is this book. This book was written to educate about 150+ scams which are circulating in America today. The book needs to be in every household so your know how to protect yourself and your family.