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Widow Releases Book on Grief, Survival, and Online Dating

The loss of someone we love is a very difficult event that evokes uncomfortable and conflicting emotions. Each person grieves differently and needs to be allowed to go through the process in  his or her own way. This author takes the readers through her grieving process and coping strategies she found helpful following the loss of her husband of fifty years and the re-building of her life.

MAITLAND, FL—Within the pages of Shelby Wagner’s book, Learning to Dance in the Rain ($13.49, paperback, 9781545652923; $6.99, e-book, 9781545652930), readers will find insights into the grieving process, suggested coping strategies and a look into the world of Internet Dating. 

Wagner shares a warning about the internet’s scammers and urges all seniors to be cautious and to refuse all requests for money from anyone on the internet. Surprisingly there is an epidemic of people giving away their money to strangers only to find out the hard way they have been “scammed.” At the same time, many seniors are also finding out that their own financial futures have become jeopardized because of their own generosity to their own adult children. Shelby urges us all to become more fiscally responsible and to be extremely careful about all personal and financial information 

Shelby Wagner was brought up in a Christian home with a younger brother and sister, and raised two children with her lat husband. Her careers have included elementary schoolteacher, Church Music Ministry, website designer and entrepreneur.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date. Learning to Dance in the Rain is available online through,, and